Light Up a Firework

This week, I created a small firework video using LED. This short film is inspired by a friend of mine, and she is a student at Parsons DT, a similarly stressful program as ITP. She taught me a trick to relieve stress, which is to light up a firework for yourself. This video is an upgraded firework inspired from her.

The original small firework:

original firework v3.gif

the LED firework:

function and quality of light:

There is a small red LED in actor’s hand. Light was covered at the beginning because actor was making a fist like gesture, although the light is slightly leaking if looked closely. When ambient light turned off, by using actor’s hand movement, actor created a breakup texture on the light, so it mimics the firework. Also, because the LED is lighting mostly inside of her hand, the shadow on back of hand, it helps create that texture too.