storyboard + moodboard

section 1


night, alone, blue, dark blue, painting, city, apartment, kind of quiet in her own world but in a not quiet city


Section 1 is the beginning of this piece. One side of the stage is a gallery/museum space, and there is a painting hanging on a wall (wall projection) in this gallery. At the other side of stage, we see the process of how this painting was made (in past time): the artist was painting this blue painting at a late night time by herself, exploring her art and herself.

technology & interaction

Kinect tracking Allie’s right/left hand. Her hand is like a paintbrush. Painting (projection) is generated based on her hand movement. 


section 2


The painter enters into her own painting. She is playing, forming, exploring in her own painting. More details still developing. I guess ripple represents creation of emotion, thoughts, adventure, playfulness, trying…

Maybe a splash-ish effect?

technology & interaction

When two dancers contact (touch or get close), a ripple is created. 

dancers will be on floor projection


not sure which style we’re going for yet? the left or right?


section 3

This is the ending. back to reality, more details to be developed…