Week 2 - Hue Interface

code: https://github.com/mingnali7/ITP-Connected-Devices-and-Networked-Interaction-Homework/tree/master/hue

This week, I made an interface to control Philips Hue. With Anna, Vince, and Sid, we studied together on Saturday afternoon and figured this out.

These are the steps I did:

  • connect hardware, hub (power + ethernet), bloom (power)

  • finding IP address (on the hub, the IP address looks like, but it is 151)

  • use Philip’s developer interface, registered a username

  • copy and paste Tom’s client-control.js to my own file

  • added alert effect

  • did a little design for the interface

Other things I learned:

According to Vince, it was better to clone the whole repository because other files may be needed to run client-control.js. I also watched Shiffman’s video (p5 workflow) about install p5 package on my project, so I could use p5 in my visual studio code. I also learned some very basic front-end (html and css) from Vince. Now I have a slightly better understanding about the bigger picture of back-end and front-end.