Week 3 - MKR 1000

This week, I explored MKR 1000.


I was reading Tim’s blog, and he mentioned about the firmware. I used code from this page here to check whether the firmware on my MKR 1000 is matched with my WiFi 101 library. It was not the right version. So, I downgraded the firmware version to 19.5.4 as suggested in the serial monitor. I was using code from the firmware updater tutorial here.

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 7.10.24 PM.png


I tried the two examples of Dweet GET and POST.

I connected a FSR, and I was trying to make a prototype of cat detector.

I was not sure how to post another string onto Dweet. This is something I tried but not worked. My goal was to create a if statement like:

if the sensorValue > 500

“a cat stepped on my computer.”

if the sensorValue > 300 & <500

“a small cat stepped on my computer.”


“no cat at the momenet”