Week 1 - Make a Web Server

code: https://github.com/mingnali7/ITP-Connected-Devices-and-Networked-Interaction-Homework

After class, I had an interesting conversation with my classmate Vince, because I was so confused about this deep question Tom asked me: what is a web server?

Me: If websites are like socks, is the server like a drawer with socks?

Vince: Nope. Server is like a socks manager. It finds the socks for you and give it to you.

Me: Then, what is the drawer doing?

Vince: The drawer is more like a database.

While I was so lost in this week’s assignment, I found these tutorials (8.1-8.4 Intro to node.js, Express, Route, More Route) by Dan Shiffman very helpful. These video covers what a web server is, what it does, what package is, how to use node and express to make a web server, what route is, how to program a route.

After watching Shiffman’s tutorial, I had a better understanding of how things worked on the web server we made in class. Then, I decided to create a web server that uses cat language to communicate. This idea is inspired by how server and client communicates. Based on what I understood, when we request something from the server, we are communicating in HTTP. It felt like they are talking in secret language. So, in this web server I made, client and server are talking in cat language.