Week 2 Response

Play Analysis

The physical world

This play happens mainly underwater. It feels like a very contained space. When I read the play, I often see a rectangular tank with round corners, and it has wood interior. The time in this play is pushed by whoever comes from outside to this underwater space. For example, when Dallas comes back every time. The climate in this planet feels a little stressful and old, while the outside feels toxic. The mood in this play is tense, as characters struggle with surviving, love, and arts. The sound in this play sounds like little mechanical noise, like leaking is happening underneath the story.

The social world

This is a public world in a contained space. Characters tend to just appear in front of you. Language is simple almost commanding sometimes. Characters have tasks to do, and they need to follow protocols and their roles.

What changes

As every character is supposed to do their job and follow their rules. The rules are slowly broken. New character comes into the space as they are not supposed to be in. Dallas leaves and Minna quits at the end. Minna changes from a mono tone to more anxious and annoyed language as they cannot find more supplies. The world collapses little by little.

Changes in me

This play questions the value and perspective on theater, arts, love, and culture. Audience are evaluators in this play. The artifacts in human society is being challenged when basic life supply is insufficient. While trying to take in how the world in this play runs, the evaluation process is in a way brutal. If an artifact is not wanting to be kept by the majority, does it mean it has less value?


The play often refers to other musical, plays, and films.


Minna: in charge of the place, make sure the place can keep running

Dallas: find artifacts in the outside world, but been asked by Minna to find supplies

Ari: looking for love

Theo: trying to survive, left Ari at the end.

Concept Sentences

Artifacts of Consequence is a play about humanity.

Artifacts of Consequence is a play about value of arts, culture, love, human relationship, and basic survival needs.

Artifacts of Consequence is a play happened in an underwater facility, when most of the human world has gone above the surface. Minna runs this facility to maintain its function, while Dallas is in charge of finding artifacts left outside of the facility. The facility often hosts evaluation to decide whether an artifact worth to be kept. In this process, the play questions the value of artifacts in human society, and how our culture and relationship was tested during a time of struggle with basic life supply.