Week 3 Hedwig and the Angry Inch Response

Fuchs Questions

The physical world

The space feels like a stage that looks raw, worn, and messy, and it has a door opens to Tommy’s concert, which in contrast is more stunning, luxury, and full. The time in this musical starts from Hedwig’s childhood when Berlin Wall was built. The time moves by important life event of the protagonist, especially events related to love and identity. The climate is emotionally charged in this musical. It feels more cloudy at the beginning, and moving to a more sunny feeling towards the end, but It depends on the scenes. 

The social world

The social world revolves around the main protagonist, Hedwig. It feels like a public world yet Hedwig shares very private moment of his life throughout the musical. Hedwig forms different duo or groups with people appear in different life event chronologically. Characters’ love and relationship with Hedwig is the main focus. Other characters mostly interact as how Hedwig perceives them. The language feels very narrative, like telling about memory.


At the beginning, the young Hedwig is looking for love, and she is curious about it. As the story develops, she felt heart-broken by the men she met, and her gender identity evolves too. In the beginning, the world is a tight space and isolated. As she met the American army man, she chose to cross the line, and the world became different. The change in landscape depends on who Hedwig is interacting with and his emotion at the moment. 


I feel the musical asks audience to think or resonate with what love is, the desire of love, and self-exploration on gender, and societal norms on gender.


The music style is rock ’n’ roll, and the musical refers to few rock musicians during that time.


Each character changes how Hedwig thinks about love and gender.

Concept Sentence

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a musical that explores love and gender.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch explores human’s desire, curiosity, and struggle of love and gender.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch illustrates a men’s journey of love and gender. Hedwig grew up in East Berlin, and he believed love is to make two people feel whole again. Then, he married to an American sergeant, which he did an operation to become woman. Later, her husband left him, and she met Tommy, and they had a good time making music together, but Tommy got scared when he saw that Hedwig was biologically a man before. Hedwig was very sad about that, but at the end, he is free.