Five Same Things

Five same simple mini chairs. Chairs can tell a lot of stories.


I was thinking what object would interest me if there exists five of them. I chose chairs because multiple chairs remind me of musical chairs, and game is always fun. I also like to create mini things. Mini things feel cute to me, and they let us look at the world we live in from another perspective.


- sketch

front and side view of the chair


- paper prototype

I first made a prototype out of Bristol paper. I want to visualize the chair first, so I can have a feeling of the measurement. I also write down the measurement on the paper chair, so it is to see the measurement when I mark the wood later.


- measure and cut

I bought a small sheet of wood and some square wood sticks, I used band saw to cut the wood.

- sand and refine

Because band saw is not accurate, I used fine sand paper to sand the piece mostly at the same length.

- glue together

I used wood glue to piece everything together. I find it difficult to use clamps to hold them. These are the solutions I came up.




After making these tiny chairs, I noticed how hard it is to make a stable chair. If the leg is slightly off, the chair would be wobbly. It is difficult to make exactly identical items.

Also, it is true that I need to buy double amount material. At the first day, I only bought two wood sticks, and I can only made three chairs with those two wood stick. So, I had to pause and get two more sticks the next day.