This week, I combined my fabrication project with my pcomp final.

1st attempt: stepper + spool

The first structure we built is like this. A stand with a spool on top, using stepper to coil the wires up. It did not work though. The wire was too stiff to coil up, and the whole structure is very unstable.

2nd attempt: pulley + servo

Because the first structure was not working very well. We tried a different structure using pulley and servo to just move the alien up and down.


After making this project, I realized how difficult it was to build a mechanical structure, to make things move, especially at a larger scale. Although it was challenging, it was fun when things worked. Maybe I will explore more about mechanics in the future.

I also found that precision matters a lot in mechanical structure. A 4mm or 6mm hub cannot work well on a 5mm shaft. If I added just a little more weight on the other side of pulley, the servo could not handle that weight.