Group Meaningful Experience

This group experience is a continuation of my exploration of watching other people’s window at night. I searched “the art of people watching” on google, and I found some interesting results. This is a link to an article: The author describes people watching as:

“we transcend into a different state of being, one where we are looking within from without. It is both empowering and particularly lonely, as if we are ghosts noting the existence of everyone as they continue right past, never once aware of us.”

As I have been trying to understand this window watching experience and transitioning this experience into art/performance, I found many people resonate with this window watching experience. I think some part of this text, or how other people analyze the activity of people watching could be helpful in shaping this meaningful experience.


- behind a scrim, possibly a space like the huddle room, a space that feels similar to an apartment and has a window

- lighting to create silhouette, maybe front projection to project a window or something that blurs what is behind the scrim


Welcome audience

  • say hi to audience with flashlight behind scrim

Singing random tone

Ask for a volunteer

  • if you would like to volunteer, shine your flashlight

Invite audience volunteer into the room

Ask audience to improv meow meow meow… song with me

Light dim, the end.