Final Project Proposal

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background research

compliment group chat link

prototypes that I did in the past (compliment service)

compliment project by Stephanie MacArthur link

compliment project by Anna Sergeeva link

mood board

simple, minimal, contemporary

simple, minimal, contemporary

definition of questions

  • How can I track a community of people? How does it look like?

  • How does people compliment each other?

  • Do people want to express and receive compliment in this way?

  • Can compliment help relieve stress?


Installation at ITP with a screen + tangible hardware


  • help people feel more comfortable about giving and receiving compliment

  • make something that is fun

  • make people smile

  • bring more happiness to ITP


A5 Quant Self Intervention

I have been using the Reporter App to track what I do and how I feel every day, but it has been kind of on and off. I set my notification to be 2 reports every day, but it doesn’t help me that much.


I came up with following solutions to help remind me to log a report:

- when I press the turn off screen button, open the reporter app instead

- rather than pushing a notification, send me a phone call

- if I don’t report within 15min, keep my iPhone screen off for 1 min

A3 Personal Data Visualization Web App

This week, I made a web app based on Joey’s My Data Feeling App code. I restarted my compliment project in version 2.0. I am doing this new version for a week with 4 clients. This app can help me get a deeper understanding about compliments I send out.

In the version 2.0, this is how I run my service:

  • I ask client a question

  • client respond

  • I compliment based on client’s respond

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 5.56.15 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 6.06.18 PM.png

A2 Dear Data Tracking & Reflection

As I have done my compliment project, I realized that the focus of my work has been on other people. For example, what my users like. For this week’s assignment, I wanted to shift focus to myself: what I want to compliment.

I tracked each compliment I gave this week for six days (Tuesday to Sunday). I tracked:

  • Date I complimented

  • Who I complimented

  • What I complimented

compliment tracking notes 1

compliment tracking notes 1

compliment tracking notes 2

compliment tracking notes 2

Visualization Process

I chose to use heart to represent my compliment because a compliment is a way to express love, beauty, and kindness. Each heart has a color code that represents someone I complimented.

I wanted to use this opportunity to learn 3d printing. This is my first time doing 3d printing! Yay! My idea was to 3d print hearts, color them, and attach them onto the postcard.

I thought 3d printing is a high tech thing, so I thought it would be just send the file and print. I totally underestimated the workload.

After working on 3d printing for a day, I was only able to print 2 usable hearts. Because of the shape and the small scale I needed, printing hearts was pretty difficult. If I knew this, I would start working on fabrication since Tuesday rather than wait until weekend. Also, it would be more helpful if I had more knowledge in 3d modeling.

I was also not able to spray paint them because it was too light. The heart flied away when I sprayed paint on it. It was still fun to try 3d printing, but I switched to 2d drawing.



The first few days of this project was a little weird. I was not used to tracking my own compliments, so I was a little distracted while I complimented. Sometimes, I had a genuine impulse to compliment someone, but in the middle of my compliment, my brain keeps reminding myself that I need to quickly write that down in my notes on my iPhone. It got better after two or three days.

This week’s project also helps me view my compliments from a different perspective. I realized that I gave a lot of compliments to people. I learned what type of compliments I give and who I complimented most.

It was nice to see my compliment record on a postcard size paper. Most of the time, I don’t pay attention to compliments I give because, for me, complimenting people feels very natural to me just like saying hi to people. This project makes me realize the value of complimenting and how fun and joyful it could be, as why I started my compliment service.

A1.3 Reflection

Based on what I learned from assignment 1.2, I am interested in exploring more about:

  • How can we friendly collect data from users? What the user flow could be like?

  • What result can I generate from the data?

  • I feel the use of data can be much more interesting than just data visualization.

I was hoping to use what I learn in this class to help further develop my compliment project. For this project, client can reserve a period of time (from 1 day to 1 year), and I would give them different compliment each day during the time.

My approach were more analog when I did this project last semester, and my client was mostly my ITP peers. When I reached to about 10 clients and complimented for about a month, I paused the project because it was a little bit emotionally draining. So this semester, rather than hand crafting compliment by myself every day, I hope to explore how I can use data to help me generate compliment.

data to comp.png

possible data to track:

  • alcohol consumption: what drink, which brand, how you like it, how much you drink

  • social media post: to know what clients are doing, or what important event happened

  • emotion: how are you feeling today?

  • response from interesting question: Do you think magic will happen today? Do you think your friend could be an alien?

  • music/movie: What music you listened that you liked today? What movie you watched today?

  • subway: how is your commute today?

  • location

how I plan to track these variables of interest:

  • Write down answers? With technology? I feel most things I am interested in tracking cannot be defined by just number.

challenges I expect:

How can I make users willingly logging in their data? I hope my users do not feel like they are being asked to do something. I hope the data collection process is fun for them. How do I process these data?

what I hope to learn:

what can I do to with data?

A1.1 Personal Data Download


Requested: ✅

Downloaded: ✅

Some notable features or things worth exploring include:

  • Instagram’s data is very organized with valuable information

  • It contains videos and pictures that I’ve uploaded before since I had this account

  • This data is especially helpful to view my past stories

  • Every message I sent and every likes I gave are listed clearly in the JSON file.

  • The JSON file has specific time information that does not show in the App.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 5.58.48 PM.png


Requested: ✅

Downloaded: ✅

Some notable features or things worth exploring include:

  • I requested data of some google features that I use often.

  • There is not much information from the data I downloaded.

  • Some JSON file only has few lines of code.

Screen Shot 2019-02-03 at 6.19.34 PM.png


Requested: ✅

Downloaded: I requested data on Tuesday but never got a reply


Requested: ✅

Downloaded: requested on Sunday, have not year back yet


Lyft does not have a page to request data. I contacted Lyft through email, but they said “we do not have this feature available.”


I quickly searched how to request data from Venmo. It seems like they do not have this feature available.


I quickly searched how to request data from Venmo. It seems like they do not have this feature available.