A2 Dear Data Tracking & Reflection

As I have done my compliment project, I realized that the focus of my work has been on other people. For example, what my users like. For this week’s assignment, I wanted to shift focus to myself: what I want to compliment.

I tracked each compliment I gave this week for six days (Tuesday to Sunday). I tracked:

  • Date I complimented

  • Who I complimented

  • What I complimented

compliment tracking notes 1

compliment tracking notes 1

compliment tracking notes 2

compliment tracking notes 2

Visualization Process

I chose to use heart to represent my compliment because a compliment is a way to express love, beauty, and kindness. Each heart has a color code that represents someone I complimented.

I wanted to use this opportunity to learn 3d printing. This is my first time doing 3d printing! Yay! My idea was to 3d print hearts, color them, and attach them onto the postcard.

I thought 3d printing is a high tech thing, so I thought it would be just send the file and print. I totally underestimated the workload.

After working on 3d printing for a day, I was only able to print 2 usable hearts. Because of the shape and the small scale I needed, printing hearts was pretty difficult. If I knew this, I would start working on fabrication since Tuesday rather than wait until weekend. Also, it would be more helpful if I had more knowledge in 3d modeling.

I was also not able to spray paint them because it was too light. The heart flied away when I sprayed paint on it. It was still fun to try 3d printing, but I switched to 2d drawing.



The first few days of this project was a little weird. I was not used to tracking my own compliments, so I was a little distracted while I complimented. Sometimes, I had a genuine impulse to compliment someone, but in the middle of my compliment, my brain keeps reminding myself that I need to quickly write that down in my notes on my iPhone. It got better after two or three days.

This week’s project also helps me view my compliments from a different perspective. I realized that I gave a lot of compliments to people. I learned what type of compliments I give and who I complimented most.

It was nice to see my compliment record on a postcard size paper. Most of the time, I don’t pay attention to compliments I give because, for me, complimenting people feels very natural to me just like saying hi to people. This project makes me realize the value of complimenting and how fun and joyful it could be, as why I started my compliment service.