A1.3 Reflection

Based on what I learned from assignment 1.2, I am interested in exploring more about:

  • How can we friendly collect data from users? What the user flow could be like?

  • What result can I generate from the data?

  • I feel the use of data can be much more interesting than just data visualization.

I was hoping to use what I learn in this class to help further develop my compliment project. For this project, client can reserve a period of time (from 1 day to 1 year), and I would give them different compliment each day during the time.

My approach were more analog when I did this project last semester, and my client was mostly my ITP peers. When I reached to about 10 clients and complimented for about a month, I paused the project because it was a little bit emotionally draining. So this semester, rather than hand crafting compliment by myself every day, I hope to explore how I can use data to help me generate compliment.

data to comp.png

possible data to track:

  • alcohol consumption: what drink, which brand, how you like it, how much you drink

  • social media post: to know what clients are doing, or what important event happened

  • emotion: how are you feeling today?

  • response from interesting question: Do you think magic will happen today? Do you think your friend could be an alien?

  • music/movie: What music you listened that you liked today? What movie you watched today?

  • subway: how is your commute today?

  • location

how I plan to track these variables of interest:

  • Write down answers? With technology? I feel most things I am interested in tracking cannot be defined by just number.

challenges I expect:

How can I make users willingly logging in their data? I hope my users do not feel like they are being asked to do something. I hope the data collection process is fun for them. How do I process these data?

what I hope to learn:

what can I do to with data?