I collaborated with Chengchao (CC) Zhu on this AR project. CC first came up with the idea of using receipt as the main subject of this project. Receipt is a small daily object that we do not pay much attention to, but it is the trace of our important life decisions. We wanted to use AR to reveal big life moment through a small daily object. We started with four objects that each relate to a life story. We tried to think about big life changing moments, like dream, work, children, and death. 


We wanted to project the image target onto the receipt paper roll, but it became difficult to scan the image target. We changed to tape paper receipt onto the roll. We struggled a little to make the installation visually interesting. We added a trash bin, and it really added story to the installation. We intended to make it look like a discarded corner of a room, so audience would discover something interesting from a pile of seemingly abandoned trash. What is more interesting is that, few days after we installed it, we found the receipts were thrown away by someone and a trash bag was put on the trash bin. Is this art or trash?