Among all cards I received from other people before, two stood out for me. One is a square name card. The square shape felt fun and easy to hold. I felt it is more inviting for a conversation rather than just giving formal business information. The other card is from a filmmaker. She had an image at the back of her card with children playing balloons. I assumed that picture is from her film. I felt this small image is an efficient and effective way to express who you are and what you do.

The image at the back of the card represents creativity, fun, and uniqueness. It is actually from part of my first P5 drawing. It represents the combination of technology and art, which is exactly what I do. Maybe, people cannot tell it is drew from code, but the geometric shape also expresses a sense of technology, coolness, and smartness to me, while the color remains soft.


I looked up some reference of business card design. For the front of the card with my information, I was inspired by this picture on the right side. I felt it was clear info display. It has a diagonal composition, and that feels dynamic to me compared to all centered information. There is also a line in the middle divides information into two sections. I tried to mimic that composition in my own card.


This week, I created a poster for the ITP winter show. I composed a visual flow from the eyes at top right corner to the ITP winter show text at the bottom let corner. I chose pictures of eyes because they show a sense of curiosity.





I like the neon light of this signage. It conveys an artsy and cool feeling, which fits the theme of this building, an arts building.


signage I don’t like:


Besides it seems like someone draw on the sign, the arrow is a bit vague. After thinking about it for a second, I feel it is saying do not park bike on the rail. I wish it could be more clear about where not to park. I noticed that there are many kind of arrows like this in NYC, feeling where it is pointing is often vague.

I like the design of this ice cream car because it conveys concise messages. I know what they have just by a glance when I pass by. The pictures and purple theme color show a cute feeling, which I feel that is essential to an ice cream vendor. It is selling a feeling, come buy this ice cream, and you will feel happy.


I am not the only one who feel NYC subway confusing. It is often difficult to find the right exit if you are at this station for the first time.



In Beijing, I feel the subway is much easier to navigate than New York. All subway exits are lettered, like exitA (NorthWest), exitB (NorthEast), etc. Also, there are signs about where you can go at each exits.



So, I added direction to the NYC subway exit sign.

download (4).jpeg


I analyzed one of the posters from film, La La Land.

Content is nicely proportioned. A short line floating at top, “Here to the fool who dream,” gives a hint of the story and attracts audience.

Purple is the theme color of this film. To me, purple and the night sky in this picture represent dream. Mia’s yellow dress contrasts and brightens the picture. To me, it says, joy. White balances the overall color palette too.


The title of the film is big and clear. The two letter “LA” is highlighted three times, as this is a story in LA, a city for dreamers. The second important information is name of the lead actors. Then, it says “from the director of Whiplash,” indicating if you like Whiplash, you would probably like this one too.